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PACStats, a service of AMS Planning & Research Corp., is the premier benchmarking and performance measurement tool serving performing arts centers. Developed in partnership with more than thirty of the top centers, PACStats provides invaluable insights and evidence for planning, operations, performance measurement, and strategy.

The PACStats Community is a roundtable of performing arts center executives committed to data-informed decision-making who connect:

  • In Person: The PACStats Community convenes two knowledge and learning roundtables each year: one with a focus on annual benchmarking data and analysis and the other to explore targeted research topics and industry issues.
  • On-Line: Members can engage throughout the year to share insights, discuss challenges and trends, and help problem-solving and decision-making.

Did You Know?...

Intangible Offerings for Sponsors

In a survey of PACStats member institutions, a majority of respondents indicated they offer right of first refusal, access to VIP/concierge services, category exclusivity, and networking opportunities as sponsor benefits.